Spirits of Gold Country

Why is it that the rich and infamous get all the love in the afterlife as well? Enough already!  

On the first part of our adventure we will visit a historic cemetery where we will learn the tragic stories of ordinary folks who lost everything in the pursuit of gold and a better way of life. 

From there we will split up into teams to see if the ghosts are ready to show up through EVP equipment and other investigative devices.

Then we will walk to a nearby historic site and Native American village site that is known for it's frequent paranormal activity such as shadow people, orbs, and physical contact.

While we are there we will explore ITC/EVP conversations with the Other Side through “deprivation sessions” and haunted objects. 

Location: Shingle Springs, CA

Fright Factor: Medium (due to level of real interaction with spirits and physical contact)
Spirit Description: Mostly friendly, although at times there is some emotional intensity and attempts to frighten 


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Night Walkers

Desperate times calls for desperate measures and these ladies were up for the challenge. Join us as explore the stories of the wild women of gold country. 

Like our other tours there will be opportunity for you to use our EVP equipment to explore on your own to see what kind of activity you can capture.   


After a bit of exploring, we will set up a table where we will invite our special spirit guests to join us in a little party to celebrate the freedom and independence of the modern woman and see if our spirit guests have anything they want to share about their lives. 

This event is for the Ladies and female identifying only. Celebratory attire is encouraged, please leave your stilettos at home. 

Location: Placerville, CA
Dates TBA - email for waiting list 

Fright Factor: Low ( generally naughty but not scary)
Spirit Description: Mostly friendly, although occasional vulgar miner shows up

Tragically Trapped! 

Late in the summer of 1922, forty seven miners met their deaths in the tragic fire of the Argonaut mine.Join us we as investigate the stories of the 47 that died in that tragic accident. 

We will also drive to the Kennedy Mine and finally conclude our adventure at the National Hotel.



Location: Jackson, CA

Dates TBA - email for waiting list 

Fright Factor: Medium (due to level of emotional intensity and real interaction with spirits and physical contact)

Spirit Description:  Some emotional intensity and attempts to frighten 


Important Notes For All Tours:
While we cannot guarantee any spirit activity, we do our best to make sure everyone has a great time with lots of opportunity for spirit interaction.

All stories and interactions are real. Some find this more frightening than "fake" haunted houses and paranormal investigations. We prefer real experiences and treat the spirits with respect and kindness. We prefer this approach rather than inciting or exploiting spiritual beings for entertainment purposes. Your respect towards the hosts, the spirits and environment is appreciated.

As there will be a little walking through graveled and heavily weeded areas closed toe walking shoes are suggested.

Light snacks  will be provided. Please bring your own water, a light jacket and a camp chair or stool.

All events are drug /alcohol/drama free zones. Please no drugs or alcohol before or during event.

$40 per person. Payment via link or exact cash at event. RSVP is required. 

Tickets are non-refundable but you can reschedule.
Events are held throughout the year