shadow wolvz team

lead investigator, psychic investigator & rescue medium

Shadow is a Native American and Filipino rescue medium with over 30 years experience working with Native American and indigenous spiritual leaders and healers in traditional ceremonies and on archaeological/burial sites.

While "paranormal investigations"are a new venue for Shadow she brings the same depth and meaning to the world of  paranormal investigation as she does all of her work. She says "Doing these ghost events is very different for me and a fun way to bring laughter and a bit of drama and suspense into my life. It'll still be deep and meaningful - but it will be fun to see how we can mix it up and see how the spirits want to work with us. It's exciting to see what they will bring."



Shadow Wolvz Adventures


Shadow wolvz was born out of the curious notion that by simply changing our starting point within psychic investigations from "what if there really is life after death?" to asking "what happens now that we know" , paranormal investigations could move from out of the dark and bizarre to the extraordinary. 

The name Shadow Wolvz is a reclaiming of the idea of a Native American FBI investigation team that uses old school Native practices and blends them with modern day tech wizardry to track down border crossers and terrorists.

We believe that Shadow Wolvz could be a better expression of Native peoples and indigenous practices if we were to focus on helping to heal those hungry ghosts of land and history and reconnect the living with those that we have loved and lost.

What People Are Saying About Sofia Cervantes & Shadow Wolvz

 Sofia is a great storyteller and spiritual healer. What I got from it was that i have the power to break the cycle of trauma in my family. I felt so calm and balanced afterwards. I highly recommend her work! 

Lisa K , Sacramento 

You spoke in a way anyone can experience the story. There was a beauty that was very impactful for me. A small glimpse of what was lost and continues to be dishonored. Thank you so much for sharing it with me.

Heidi, Orangevale


I’m so grateful to be in a circle of story, song, and journey with others who seek meaningful relationship with ancestors. Sofia feels deeply grounded, very loving, and extremely knowledgeable. She shares her experience and understanding in beautiful light 

Lucy H, , New York

I highly recommend! I had asked for a reading to focus on a decision that I needed to make and I got so much more. I felt like she used her strength and power to create a beautifully safe container that held space for me in a way that warded off the fear, anxiety and pressure that I had been feeling around the matter. It suspended time and allowed me move out of a space of cloudiness and tap into my intuition more clearly. I would describe the reading as an alchemical experience. As she guided me through the spread, she gave her intuitive wisdom while allowing space to for me to express what was coming up. Through that I felt like I was able to fully feel into and experience my options in a way that left me with a deep sense of Knowing what my answer was. I didn't feel like I was giving my power away to someone else making the decision for me. I felt a deep sense of nurturing and guidance into my own knowingness. 

KF New York